Chatter Boxes

Do you have a group of friends who you could speak to for hours on end and it never gets boring? I'm crazy lucky that I have exactly that situation. When I see the lovely Emma Jane Palin, Natasha Nuttall and Ella Masters, we can't stop nattering!

Cocktails and Collaborations

Sociable Rosh has totally come out to play this week! On Monday, Cocktails and collaboration chats at Bourne and Hollingsworth bar are definitely a winning combo with this colour lovin' crew - Emma Jane Palin, Natasha Nuttall and Sarah Akwisombe.

This Case is Closed

I absolutely LOVE my Google Pixel phone. It has so many fantastic features, I mean the camera is phenomenal. But it seemed that the world wouldn't allow me to find the perfect phone case to match my personality.

Brain Dump

If you wanted to see an accurate visual representation of the inside of my head right now... this is it. It's almost as if James Chuter knew this would be my current mental state.


Waking up on lazy weekend morning feels pretty hazy, right? It starts all bright and full of opportunity... then sinks into achieving everything you've been putting off all week.

Purple Haze

If you've ever had the pleasure of brunching at Sketch's gorgeous glade room... you'll know how delightful the decor is! Though, it's very difficult to capture its whimsical brilliance in a single frame!

Decal Your Desk

Here's a fun fact to start your Friday, on average you spend more hours a week at your work desk than you do at home. OK that's a tad depressing, but it's still an interesting realisation. Because it means that work is basically your second home... so you should treat it accordingly!

What a Spectacle!

So when your gal pal, Natasha Nuttall designs and paints a radiant rainbow wall in your local area... you know you gotta go find it fast! Plus, there couldn't have been a better opportunity for a cheeky photo shoot with my new Kite Eyewear beauties.

Chihuly Ceiling

Psst, did you know that there's a place where you can go and surround yourself in kaleidoscopic colour? Go and bask in this glorious glow, by standing under Dale Chihuly's 'Persian Ceiling' at Halcyon Gallery.

Tech Talk

This morning I want to share with you a little wisdom from my instagram journey... because sharing is caring! Big confession: I've been snapping all my photos using my phone - shocking I know haha!