So I've decided to mix up my content today with a little bouncy boomerang. Because anyone who knows me, knows how much I bloody love a GIF. And if you can't GIF yourself, then who can you? 

Ignite Your Ambition

Rewind to March 2017, to when my contract at BBC Worldwide was ending and I needed a new job, so I could pay the bills. It was an incredibly stressful time but you know what, it all happened so I could find where I was always supposed to be. Fast Forward to April 2018 and I'm celebrating a very special anniversary. It's been one year since I joined my award-winning creative agency, Ignition Creative London.

Clear Up Your Calendar

Lately, I decided that I need to clean up my act and sort out my calendar. I keep doing this thing where I have an insanely sociable week and then have to hermit the following week. But I'm happy to announce that I've finally cracked the code.

Never a Dry Fri(day)

Cocktails and creative industries go together like bread and butter. There's hardly a week that goes by these days, without a cheeky tipple. But what makes them extra special is when they're served from a venue as beautiful as the Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar.

Gallery Girl

You know that place you go to, that always give you inspiration and keeps you warm and dry... yep, that's a gallery for me! They're one of my absolute favourite places to go. Especially in London, when there's such an array of free art to go see.

Silent Cinema

I adore going to the cinema. The whole experience makes me so happy. Everything from the salted popcorn, to the scintillating storytelling. But what I love the most is the escapism from the ever-growing to-do list. Anyone else experience phone fatigue?

Curb Appeal, Camden Style

Have you ever seen a place that's basically your 'Barbie Dream House'? This little blue-tiful number has caught my eye on many occasions. Every time I walk to Camden Road station I can see it across the canal. I could never work out how to get a closer look though.

Staycation Sadness

Home sweet home is my favourite place to be. It's the place where you can be your hobo chic self and indulge in a little self-care. The last four days have been a perfect balance. From bingeing on Queer Eye, brunching with friends, munching with family to being a culture vulture.

Easter Eats

This Easter weekend, wouldn't be complete without a stack of something sweet, right? So luckily, the lovely Jess from Mac and Moore let me whisk her away to Miami... Cafe Miami that is. All so we could escape the rather rude rainfall and pretend to be ladies who brunch.

Slow Spring

"Spring, you OK hun? You don't seem to be wanting to make an appearance this year. I'm a tad concerned." Yep, this would be the message I would send to the weather right now, if I could. It's rainy, it's chilly, it's generally not pleasant at all.

The Imitation Game

Now I've got grabbed your attention with this image, let's chat about copycats. Elaine Sturtevant is an artist who became famous through her artwork reproductions. But, they're never exact replicas, as there are always imperfections. If you pop into Thaddaeus Ropac, you'll be sure to notice her imitations of Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. Even Quentin Tarantino inspired her with this Kill Bill wallpaper.

Pink Paradise

Top tip... If you're ever stood in the middle of a warm, busy art fair, always go on the hunt for the piece that makes you smile. I mean, I found pure, unadulterated joy at Fei Alexeli's 'No Bad Days' colourful corner.