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A Prickly Present

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I Feel Smug, Serax cactus vase

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27/๐Ÿ’ฏ Recently, I was lucky enough to win a Serax cactus vase from I Feel Smug's competition! So obviously my initial thought was OMG 'Let's Instagram The Sh*t Out of It' - just like this Molu print says (sorry for the language haha). But now my thoughts are, what should I use it for? All suggestions welcome! Unfortunately, just not flowers - hayfever problems haha. #100DaysOfADesignMagpie

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Colour Palette, A Prickly Present by Rosh Thanki, Serax cactus vase from I Feel Smug

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VLOGGED: April Moments

Making Waves at the Weekend

Making Waves at the Weekend