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Euston, I Have a Confession

Euston, I Have a Confession

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Euston, I Have a Confession by Rosh Thanki, Euston arch tiles

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64/๐Ÿ’ฏ It's Higher Education Day and it's time I be a little bit honest with you guys... A have quite a few people asking me regularly, how I became a trailer editor, what are my qualifications, how can they break into the media industry etc. The answer to most of these questions is simply experience.

So time for confession o'clock - I never finished my Graphic Communications degree (which is quite a revelation as I was pretty much a straight A student)... I was on a placement year away from university, loving the television industry and London life so I just couldn't imagine going back to be a student. I was fortunate enough that my company kept me on freelance, then I got another job... and then the rest they say, is history. (If you're really interested, here's my CV if you wanna go stalk).

Higher Education can be extremely important in some industries, but in TV and film, experience is really what counts... in my experience haha. My uni days taught me so much about surviving away from home but nowhere near enough about what it's actually like working in industry: the insane deadlines, the need for a thicker skin, the knowledge of when to defend your work and when to just change it.

If you could go back to your student days, when you pick the same degree? Would you even go at all? Thoughts please! #100DaysOfADesignMagpie

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