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So I've decided to mix up my content today with a little bouncy boomerang, taken by Serena Chana. Because anyone who knows me, knows how much I bloody love a GIF. And if you can't GIF yourself, then who can you? Plus, what better way to show off Amrit Kaur's beautifully handmade bomber jacket! I discovered her work last night at The Performance Lab's 'Cut the Bakwaas' event.

Diversify by Rosh Thanki, Amrit Kaur's Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket Brillance

By Amrit Kaur

There was an abundance of creativity on show from the South Asian community. Everything from a tamarind chutney bottle installation by Soofiya, to portrait photography by Kiran Gidda and a spice girls performance by The Tuts Band.

Diversify by Rosh Thanki, Soofiya's Maggi tamarind chutney installation

Tangy Tamarind Chutney

By Soofiya

Diversify by Rosh Thanki, Kiran Gidda's Portrait Photography

Picture Perfect Portraits

By Kiran Gidda

Diversify by Rosh Thanki, The Tuts Band Performing

Girl Power

The Tuts Band

If you're in doubt about entering the creative industries, just take a leaf out of Divya's book and invite someone out for a coffee! Picking someone's brain can be incredibly helpful.

It just goes to show that art truly can come from anywhere and any culture... you should gotta open your eyes to it.

- - - Rosh Realness - - - I 'ummed and ahhed' a lot whilst trying to decide whether this was 'feedworthy' or not. It's probably far too cheesy, but I love how fun it is haha. 

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Colour Palette for Diversify by Rosh Thanki, GIF

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