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Clear Up Your Calendar

Lately, I decided that I need to clean up my act and sort out my calendar. I keep doing this thing where I have an insanely sociable week and then have to hermit the following week. But I'm happy to announce that I've finally cracked the code.

Girl Power

Happy International Women's Day everyone! Our feminist Christmas Day has finally arrived, woohoo. This year has been very eye opening, with a lot of issues highlighted in the media. But the most important thing, is to make sure we have each others' backs.

Self Love Club

After spending most of this weekend tucked up in bed, attempting to rest my head cold into recovery, I was ready for a fresh start this week... But then the cold sweat struck this morning. The family visiting last night was also such a huge pick me up though.

Shine On Bright-On!

Yesterday, I had such a wonderful day catching up with old friends, and making new memories down by the coastline. Whilst I know I've changed a lot in the last few years, it's so lovely to hang out with your pals from the past... even if it is to remind you of how far you've come.

Peachy Palms

Excuse me whilst I'm terribly British for a minute, but can we talk about just how muggy and gross the weather has been lately? The only benefit is that I'm walking home from work - which I'm loving for the 30ish minutes of digital detox time. Though, I can't complain too much as life is rather peachy at the moment, just like this amazing mural by Hixxy (josephine Hicks) at the Pergola on the Roof.