All in Exhibition


So I've decided to mix up my content today with a little bouncy boomerang. Because anyone who knows me, knows how much I bloody love a GIF. And if you can't GIF yourself, then who can you? 

Gallery Girl

You know that place you go to, that always give you inspiration and keeps you warm and dry... yep, that's a gallery for me! They're one of my absolute favourite places to go. Especially in London, when there's such an array of free art to go see.

The Imitation Game

Now I've got grabbed your attention with this image, let's chat about copycats. Elaine Sturtevant is an artist who became famous through her artwork reproductions. But, they're never exact replicas, as there are always imperfections. If you pop into Thaddaeus Ropac, you'll be sure to notice her imitations of Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp. Even Quentin Tarantino inspired her with this Kill Bill wallpaper.

Pink Paradise

Top tip... If you're ever stood in the middle of a warm, busy art fair, always go on the hunt for the piece that makes you smile. I mean, I found pure, unadulterated joy at Fei Alexeli's 'No Bad Days' colourful corner.

Eyes Wide Open

So this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down... yep it's story time, settle in because it's well worth a read! A few months ago, I was suffering with some painfully dry skin around my eyes. It was red, flaky and it kept swelling up.

Make Waves

What do you do when all your weekend plans suddenly disappear in a flash? Make new ones of course! I spent a lot of time solo the past couple of days and I have to admit, I actually loved it. I got to discover new pretty pockets of colour in London. For example, Sondra Perry's 'Typhoon Coming On' exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.

Holographic Housing

Do you ever stop and think sometimes, 'damn this city is beautiful?' Whenever I cross over Waterloo bridge, I experience some extra lovin' for London . There's nothing better than seeing the city all lit up at night. I managed to experience this again when I visited Now Gallery.

In My Colourful Element

Has the snow been getting you down lately? Or maybe it's the grey skies that have you feeling blue? Well Fred Butler has the solution at Now Gallery. She's been tasked to help combat 'Seasonal Affective Disorder' using chromotherapy and light.


Waking up on lazy weekend morning feels pretty hazy, right? It starts all bright and full of opportunity... then sinks into achieving everything you've been putting off all week.

Chihuly Ceiling

Psst, did you know that there's a place where you can go and surround yourself in kaleidoscopic colour? Go and bask in this glorious glow, by standing under Dale Chihuly's 'Persian Ceiling' at Halcyon Gallery.

Tech Talk

This morning I want to share with you a little wisdom from my instagram journey... because sharing is caring! Big confession: I've been snapping all my photos using my phone - shocking I know haha!

Kaleidoscopic Canary Wharf

It's official, Canary Wharf's Winter Lights Festival blows Lumiere London out of the water. Super controversial I know, but that's my opinion! I understand why Lumiere has got the big draw... but, it was all way too touristy for my taste. Whereas, Canary Wharf has got it going on!