All in Flat Lays

Easter Eats

This Easter weekend, wouldn't be complete without a stack of something sweet, right? So luckily, the lovely Jess from Mac and Moore let me whisk her away to Miami... Cafe Miami that is. All so we could escape the rather rude rainfall and pretend to be ladies who brunch.

Leopard Print Portrait

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a scene straight out of Titanic, where I was the Rose to the lovely Ella Masters' Jack. I may as well have said, "draw me like one of your French girls" haha. If you're not familiar with the ridiculously talented Ella's work, then go on and take a butchers.

Hay Trays

Is it OK to be obsessed by inanimate objects... asking for a friend? Here's a little throwback to the summer, when I spotted these gorgeous Hay design trays designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk, found in Lizzie's SMUG.

Dishy Dishoom

When it came to choosing where to go for some Sunday munching with Ella Ryder, Dishoom was an obvious choice. Yes the queues can be a tad long, but those okra fries and gunpowder potatoes really are insanely delicious... They definitely curried favour with me!

Munchin' in Miami

Birthdays brunches don't really get any better than in Cafe Miami. Despite being bunged up with a head cold, I braved the stormy winds to get to this art deco delight for breakfast with my baes, Emma Jane Palin and Natasha Nuttall. 

Hooray for FriYAY

Whilst it may have only been a four day work week, can I get three cheers for the weekend people? Hip hip hooray! Nothing gives me that Friday feeling more than seeing sparkly party decorations!

A Noteworthy Notebook

I'm just going to continue spreading my love for all things creative. Just like this Keith Haring limited edition Moleskine notebook. It's such a shame I'm so much of a digital native, that most of my to-do lists etc. are all in apps like Google Keep and Teux Deux.

Cards Cut Deep

Finding the perfect card for an occasion... is an art form. Sometimes if you leave finding one 'til the last minute then you often have to settle. But with these Mean Mail beauties, you can find the best one, with just the right amount of bluntness.

The Sunny Side of Clear Frames

It's finally hotting up in London meaning Spring... and then Summer is finally on its way. So this also nearly marks a year since I've had these General Eyewear 1980s beauties and if I take them off, I have to leave them on a coloured surface, like this textured Zara Home rug, otherwise they're lost for a while!