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Ignite Your Ambition

Rewind to March 2017, to when my contract at BBC Worldwide was ending and I needed a new job, so I could pay the bills. It was an incredibly stressful time but you know what, it all happened so I could find where I was always supposed to be. Fast Forward to April 2018 and I'm celebrating a very special anniversary. It's been one year since I joined my award-winning creative agency, Ignition Creative London.

Never a Dry Fri(day)

Cocktails and creative industries go together like bread and butter. There's hardly a week that goes by these days, without a cheeky tipple. But what makes them extra special is when they're served from a venue as beautiful as the Bourne & Hollingsworth Bar.

Silent Cinema

I adore going to the cinema. The whole experience makes me so happy. Everything from the salted popcorn, to the scintillating storytelling. But what I love the most is the escapism from the ever-growing to-do list. Anyone else experience phone fatigue?

Technicolour Taxidermy

A week ago today, I attended a women's panel hosted by Milk Tooth LDN's Ernestina. At the King's Head Members Club, I got listen to the lovely ladies talk about all things woman. It's crazy how more headlines keep surfacing about the me too movement and the gender pay gap.

Blush Crush

Baby it's cold outside... so let's have a snow in! What's a snow in you say? Rosh's Dictionary Definition: staying in somewhere that's warm and cosy, whilst we all wait out the big freeze. I mean I could happily sent up camp at Sketch London's The Gallery.

Purple Haze

If you've ever had the pleasure of brunching at Sketch's gorgeous glade room... you'll know how delightful the decor is! Though, it's very difficult to capture its whimsical brilliance in a single frame!

Decal Your Desk

Here's a fun fact to start your Friday, on average you spend more hours a week at your work desk than you do at home. OK that's a tad depressing, but it's still an interesting realisation. Because it means that work is basically your second home... so you should treat it accordingly!

Fuchsia Friends

Today is a very special day! It marks my official one year friendaversary with the lovely Emma and Natasha! Everyone warns you that the internet can be a dark and twisty place. However, I'm so lucky that my insta journey has been such a positive experience.