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Ignite Your Ambition

Rewind to March 2017, to when my contract at BBC Worldwide was ending and I needed a new job, so I could pay the bills. It was an incredibly stressful time but you know what, it all happened so I could find where I was always supposed to be. Fast Forward to April 2018 and I'm celebrating a very special anniversary. It's been one year since I joined my award-winning creative agency, Ignition Creative London.

Curb Appeal, Camden Style

Have you ever seen a place that's basically your 'Barbie Dream House'? This little blue-tiful number has caught my eye on many occasions. Every time I walk to Camden Road station I can see it across the canal. I could never work out how to get a closer look though.

Staycation Sadness

Home sweet home is my favourite place to be. It's the place where you can be your hobo chic self and indulge in a little self-care. The last four days have been a perfect balance. From bingeing on Queer Eye, brunching with friends, munching with family to being a culture vulture.

Slow Spring

"Spring, you OK hun? You don't seem to be wanting to make an appearance this year. I'm a tad concerned." Yep, this would be the message I would send to the weather right now, if I could. It's rainy, it's chilly, it's generally not pleasant at all.

Hi-Vis Happy

Do you ever have one of those days where you stare at your reflection in the mirror and laugh? Yep, don't worry me too! In this photo, I had just climbed up a gazillion stairs (17 floors to be precise).

Eyes Wide Open

So this is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down... yep it's story time, settle in because it's well worth a read! A few months ago, I was suffering with some painfully dry skin around my eyes. It was red, flaky and it kept swelling up.

The Bus Life

So you know those people who actually prefer taking the bus than the tube? Yep, you guessed it, I'm one of those! At first it was because I had just moved to the city. Living as an intern meant I couldn't afford the luxury of the underground everyday.

Cocktails and Collaborations

Sociable Rosh has totally come out to play this week! On Monday, Cocktails and collaboration chats at Bourne and Hollingsworth bar are definitely a winning combo with this colour lovin' crew - Emma Jane Palin, Natasha Nuttall and Sarah Akwisombe.

TFL Inspired Tiles

Have you ever been to Edgware Road and stopped to take in the sights? And by sights I mean Jacqueline Poncelet's wonderful wrapper. If not, you're missing out as it's sheer pattern perfection!

Jungle Jetsetter

Anyone else been stalking their friends' holiday adventures lately? I know I have! London can feel a little overwhelming at times... so it's only natural to want to find a slice of paradise. Which is why the Barbican Centre's conservatory on a Sunday is the perfect place to escape to!

January Blues

Do you remember last Sunday, when London's heavens had opened and it was pouring down with rain? Most people cancelled their plans to stay in... but I decided the opposite! I persevered outdoors as I had no food in the fridge, and had an itch to scratch a bunch of stuff off my to-do list.

Change it Up

Here's a Rosh Recommendation for ya... next time you're in Westfield Stratford City, pop into Monki. That shop has got it going on! I mean have you ever seen a more colourful changing room? Nope, me neither!

Taking Shoreditch Out for a Spin

Friday is finally here and we're zooming into the weekend! Last Saturday, Natasha and I spotted the most vibrant vehicle we've ever seen. We happened upon this blue, purple and pink colour sensation in Shoreditch... completely by accident. Va-va-voom!

Fill Your Boots

After having an extra long weekend, I'm now finally stepping into a new week... but not without a serious caffeine hit first. Obviously! Though I'm already sipping on my morning latte, I'm wishing I was at the café come bar Ask For Janice again.

Cheese-Mas Is Over

Not sure if you all got the memo, but Cheese-Mas is officially over! No more endlessly lying on the sofa eating everything in sight. No more watching Harry Potter everyday. No more considering changing your career to a couch potato. Un-brie-lievable!